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Setting Up : Using Payment Form

Shopback Pay e-Wallet

Shopback Pay is now available as an e-wallet option in senangPay. This integration allows users to make secure and convenient online transactions. With features such as quick payments and cashback rewards, Shopback Pay aims to enhance the overall payment experience within the senangPay platform.

Users can fund their Shopback Pay account and easily conduct transactions, making the payment process more streamlined and user-friendly.


A. What are the package available for this feature ?

This feature available on Advance, Advance+ & Special Packages!


B. Transaction rate

The transaction rate charged for this feature is 1.6% .


C. Is there any integration needed ?

No integration is needed.


D. Does Shopback Pay feature comes by default ?

Merchants who are already enrolled in Shopback PayLater will seamlessly gain access to the benefits and features of Shopback Pay as part of their existing account privileges.

Contact us via email at [email protected] for activation. Activate ShopBack Pay within 7 days upon request. (Final approval is contingent upon the payment provider)


E . What is minimum transaction amount ? 

Minimum transaction amount: RM2


F. How to disable ShopBack Pay in your payment form ?

There isn’t a specific choice to disable Shopback Pay or Shopback PayLater individually. If merchants want to disable one of them, you are required to disable both simultaneously.

For example, below is a screenshot for the selected payment options for  e-Wallet :

G. What can I do as a senangPay merchant ?

You can simply share / announce this feature in your social media .