Enabling Recurring Payment Instalment Feature in Payment Form

A. What is Recurring Instalment?

Recurring instalment is when a large payment amount is divided into smaller payable amounts. Let’s say your item is priced at RM7,000, you can divide this into 7 instalments of  RM1000 each. You can set the payment frequency time and the repetition value accordingly.


B. Adding Product for Recurring Instalment

Now, here are the steps on how to setup the product for recurring subscription. Basically you must create the Product first. Once the Product is in the list, you may proceed on setting up the recurring payment for selected product.

1. To create the product, go to Navigation > Product > Create New

2. You will see 3 sections there. On the top section, insert all related information about your product.

3. The second section is the “Payment Frequency Setting”. Choose “Recurring Instalment”.

4. Choose the preferred details for recurring subscription payment option. There are several “Payment Frequency” options.

5. Next, choose “Repetition” for the product payment.

6. Next, click on “Do not display address or item is self pickup”.


7.  Finally, click “Create Product” when your product is ready to enter the system.


8. Your product for recurring subscription is now in the system.


C. How to stop Recurring Instalment

For the time being, the process to stop Recurring Instalment must be done manually between the merchant and the customer. Below are the steps  be consider.

1. Subscribers / customers inform the merchant to stop the recurring payment.

2. Subscribers / customers provide related information to merchant.

3. Merchant will set the recurring payment subscription to inactive.

Please take note that :

  • Kindly be informed senangPay recurring payment is not an easy payment.