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Deleting Your Product



A. Can I delete a product?

No, you cannot delete a product once you have added the product.


B. Why I can’t I delete a product?

A product is linked to a transaction. Thus, if there is any purchase on your product, there will be a data of purchase of the product from the transaction. This data is important and for security reason, we cannot allow merchants to delete the transaction including any product.


C. Ok, at least what can I do?

You can set your product as inactive. When a product is inactive, the Payment Form URL is inactive.


D. Set form active / inactive

You can set your form as either active or inactive. This is for your own record as to which form you are currently using or not using. By default, all of your Unique Payment Forms are active.

1. To set the form to be inactive, scroll down the product info page, click on the “Edit Product” button.


2. Refer to the section Product Status.

3. On the status, click the “Inactive” radio button.

4. Click “Confirm Changes” to save.