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New feature : Google Pay

Google Pay is a digital payment platform developed by Google that allows users to make payments using their Android phones, tablets, or watches. It enables users to make online and in-store purchases, pay for services like utilities and transportation, and send or receive money from other Google Pay users.

Google Pay stores the user’s payment information in a digital wallet, making it easy to access and use for future transactions. It also offers security features like encrypted transactions and the ability to lock or wipe a lost device remotely.


A. Is Google Pay safe?

Google Pay claims to be a safer method of payment than cash or physical credit cards for a number of reasons.

  • Virtual account number — Instead of seeing your real card number, merchants only receive a virtual account number provided by Google Pay.
  • Encrypted data — Google Pay encrypts your data to protect your cards and accounts from phishing or malware.
  • Fraud alert — Google Pay uses artificial intelligence to identify and alert you of fraud and phishing risks. It also sends you alerts when you pay someone who’s not on your contact list.
  • Extra login security — To open the app or pay someone, you must provide a pin, pattern or biometric. But these requirements vary by country.
  • Turn on personalization — Though Google Pay can personalize your experience in the app based on your transaction history, this isn’t the default setting. Instead, you can turn on personalization for three months to see if you like it.
  • Private transactions — Payment transactions between you and another person are only visible to the two of you.
  • Google Find My Device — If you misplace your phone, you can lock it remotely, log out of your account and erase your data with Google Find My Device.


B. What package available for this feature ?

This feature is only available for Advance and Special Package.


C.Transaction charge

The charge will be the same as Visa/Master credit/debit card.



D. Is there any integration needed ?

No integration is needed.