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Setting Up : Using Payment Form

ShopBack PayLater Feature in senangPay Payment Form

We are partnering with ShopBack PayLater ,a new payment option to senangPay. It’s one that we believe will be a game-changer for your business! Your customers can use ShopBack PayLater to make payments on your platform with monthly instalments absolutely 0% interest!


A. How to register ?

Check here for the registration steps.


B. What are the required documents ?

Check here for the required documents.


C. What package available for this feature ?

ShopBack PayLater feature only available for Advance & Special Package.


D. Transaction Charge

3-payment planMDR 5.5%


E. Is there any integration needed ?

No integration is needed.


F. Does Shopback feature comes by default ?

  1. Yes. However our onboarding team will double check if your business fall under Prohibited Business as listed in (G) below, you’re not eligible for our BNPL feature. If you believe we have tagged your business wrong, please email us at [email protected]


G. High-Risk and Prohibited Industry and Product List for ShopBack Pay and PayLater

1. Prohibited list – Not to be onboarded
Industry NameDescription
B2B Purchases
Merchant sells products to a customer for resale or business purposes
Fortune Tellers
Fortune telling, tarot cards, mystics, or related services. Does not
include sale of publications only with no other services tendered
Essay Mills
Essay and paper mills or homework services
Counterfeit products
Intellectual property or
proprietary rights infringement
Unauthorized sale or resale of brand name / designer products or
services; sale of goods or services that are illegally imported or
exported. Sales, distribution / access to counterfeit music, movies,
software, or other licensed materials without appropriate authorization
Selling Social Media Followers or
Selling Social Media followers of likes is in breach of most social media
platform’s acceptable use agreement
Website Mining Services
Website mining services like mining of prices on Amazon is in breach
of most website’s acceptable use agreement
Bot Services
Automated bots for purchasing of products, gaming, etc. in breach of
a platform’s acceptable use agreement
Multi-level marketing
Pyramid schemes, network marketing, and referral marketing
“Get Rich” / “Easy Profits”
Includes course to beat stock markets, properties investment requiring
small overlays and FOREX investments that promises profits
Trial and deceptive marketing
Website that lures customers into “free trials” or cheap products
followed by automatic renewal of services
Activity of spamming consumers with unsolicited deals/offers
Penny auctions
Pay to bid” auction services
“Free to download” but “Pay for Premium Download”. Usually used by
movie and software pirates to distribute bootleg content
Split payments with other BNPLs
Merchants who allow split payments with other BNPL providers
Merchants who sell obscene materials (literature, imagery, etc.)
Virtual currency
Virtual currency that can be monetized, resold, or converted to
physical or digital products and services or otherwise exit the virtual
world (e.g., Bitcoin); also includes in-game currency or assets
Video game or virtual world
Sale of in-game currency or game items, unless the merchant is the
operator of the virtual world
Money and Legal services
Merchants who provide professional services involving money-related
or legal-related services.
Money Services / Lenders
Businesses that transmit or convert money; includes remittance
companies, money-changers, check cashing, and money lending
Gift cards / Prepaid / Wallet
Prepaid gift cards to enable exchange for any electronic items
Services which allows top-up to a stored value card or wallet
Virtual currency or stored value
Virtual currency that can be monetized, resold, or converted to physical or digital products and services or otherwise exit the virtual
world (e.g., Bitcoin); sale of stored value or credits maintained,
accepted and issued by anyone other than the seller
Investment Related Products
Investment consultancy, education, or services like trading/brokerage
Pseudo pharmaceuticals
Products that make health claims that have not been approved or
verified by the applicable regulatory body
Smoking and tobacco products
Tobacco products and related smoking apparatus like e-cigarettes
Alcohol F&B: Bars, Clubs, etc.
F&B premises which drive revenue largely from the sale of alcohol.
F&B Delivery, Dine In & Takeaway
F&B Merchants with advanced ordering, dining in, or takeaway services
Jamming Devices
Products meant for decryption or descrambling; cell signal jammers
Weapons / Flammables /
Fireworks / Toxic and
Radioactive materials
Guns, knives and related weaponry but excludes household kitchen
items. Includes weapon parts, and munitions; gunpowder and other
explosives; fireworks and related goods; toxic, flammable, and
radioactive materials. Also includes products with the likeliness of
weapons and requires permission from local authorities for sale.
Casino and online gambling
Lotteries; bidding fee auctions; sports forecasting or odds making;
fantasy sports leagues with cash prizes; internet gaming; contests;
sweepstakes; games of chance
Pawn shops
Pledges of items with value for a loan at less that the pledged value
Loot boxes or mystery boxes
Loot and mystery boxes that do not guarantee specific products and
offer a chance to obtain products from a pool
Gold bars, commemorative gold
items and gift cards
Gold bars or commemorative items (e.g. SG 50 gold coins) that have
high intrinsic value and easily transferable or gift cards to enable
exchange for any jewelry items.
Precious Stones and Real Gold
Products (including jewelries)
Jewelry with diamonds, precious stones or real gold / gold plated
Open Invasive Surgery for
Cosmetic/Aesthetic Purposes
Open Invasive Surgery is defined as a medical procedure that involves
the cutting of skin and tissues so that the surgeon has a full view of the
structures or organs involved. (Breast Surgery, Liposuction, Facial
Surgery) Gender realignment or confirmation surgery is a medical
surgery and not considered a cosmetic/aesthetic surgery and is also
prohibited. Any procedure which requires an overnight stay.
Selling lease and rent timeshares real estate and arranging timeshare
accommodation exchanges, or long term / lifetime club membership.
Torrents, movies or software
Activity that involves the distribution of copyrighted digital content
such as movies, books, software or any other media
Unlicensed Businesses
Operating illegally without relevant licenses required to conduct
Wildlife Trade
Live wildlife animals classified as endangered or protected, or in
animal products procured through poaching or other illegal practices.
Immoral Activities Related
Goods or services invoking or supporting racism, violence, abuse,
discrimination, hatred, terrorism, pedophilia, or other immoral activity
Drop shipping, forwarding brokers are strictly prohibited.
Merchants who do not hold any form of inventory and act as a
middleman between the supplier and customers.
  • Typically casual sellers and typically run by a single stakeholder or a very small team.
  • Typically no control over quality and fulfilment of products sold as products are shipped directly from the supplier to customer, bypassing the merchant.
  • Typically only acting as a point-of-sale and usually does not have physical presence and operates solely online.
Online marketplaces that accept credit cards and bring together
cardholders and retailers selling a range of goods or services that may
otherwise qualify for different industries, on a single e- commerce
website or mobile application, under a single brand used to identify
itself to cardholders.
Charity and non-profit
Entities that have been granted tax-exempt status because they
further a social cause and provide a public benefit.
Merchants with no business
registration (i.e. Individuals who
conduct business operations)
Merchants who operate without registering with the local authorities
and operate as an individual who conducts business operations.
2. High Risk list – Please contact your partner manager / contact at ShopBack to discuss
Industry NameDescription
Merchants who sell any form of watches or clocks.
Any form of item, artwork or furniture that is perceived to have a high
intrinsic value due to its age or uniqueness
Art Dealers and Galleries
Merchants are classified as selling artwork such as paintings,
photographs, or sculpture
Stamp and Coin Stores
Merchants are classified as selling postage stamps and coins, and
related accessories for the purpose of stamp collecting, coin collecting
or investment.
General Insurance
Merchant licensed to sell insurance products to individuals.
Portable WiFi
Merchants who provide portable WiFi services locally or internationally.
Non-Invasive and Minimally
Invasive Surgery for
Cosmetic/Aesthetic Purposes
Includes aesthetic clinics, dental clinics and other forms of medical
centers which offer non-invasive surgery services.
Examples of Minimally Invasive Surgery: Hair / Tattoo Removal, Dermal
Fillers / Botox, Laser Skin Resurfacing
Used Merchandise and
Secondhand Stores
Merchants sell used merchandise or secondhand goods such as
accessories, shoes and clothing, furniture, books, bicycles, musical
instruments, sewing machines, electronic equipment, appliances, and
other household items. Typically, the items for sale have been donated
or are on consignment.
Resellers or Unofficial
Distributors of Luxury Products
Resellers (Brand New or Used) luxury products, or unofficial distributors
of luxury products (not licensed by the brand) like leather bags, wallets,
accessories, apparels etc.
Luxury Leather Goods
Official sellers or distributors of luxury products like leather bags, wallets,
accessories, apparels etc.
Split Payments or Progressive
Services which offer a split payment or progressive payment across a
period of time.
Rental Companies
Companies who lease out assets like clothing or vehicles.
Other Packages Service
Service providers which sell packages and are not classified under any
of the industries listed in this document.
Automotive Service Shops
Merchants who conduct automotive repairs and general or specific
Beauty and Cosmetic Service
● Nail / Hair Salons
● Spas / Massage
● Other beauty & cosmetics
Merchants that provide beauty and cosmetic services. These merchants
do not include merchants who only sell cosmetic products. For
non-invasive and invasive surgery, please see the respective industry
Travel Providers:
● Airline, Travel Agents
● Cruises / Bus / Train
Not including sellers that offer day trips with limited prepayment
Payment Service Provider (PSP)
PSP Resellers are payment platforms which “resell” payment services of
other payment providers to its sub-merchants. ShopBack does not
acquire the individual sub-merchants and agreement is signed with
the PSP Reseller instead.
Drugs / Pharmaceutical
Merchants who sell pharmaceutical products or drug related products
(legally as per local regulations).
Duty Free Stores
Tax free purchases from a licensed retailer.
Subscription or Membership
Merchants who provide services through a subscription-based model.
Subscription-based model is defined as an arrangement to receive
something regularly by paying in advance.
Merchant who sells consumer electronic products. Merchants who sell
home appliances like fridge and washing machines are not included in
this vertical. Merchants who sell furniture with electronic components
like massage chairs or standing desks are not included in this vertical.
Electronics Repair Shops
Providers of repair services for electronics like phones, laptops or
air-conditioning units.
Active Mobility Devices
Merchants who sell Power Mobility Devices (PMD), Power-Assisted
Bicycles (PAB) and Personal Mobility Aids (PMA).
Adult Toys
Merchants who sell adult sex toys or related products. Does not include
pharmaceuticals or drugs related products. Please see
Pharmaceuticals / Drugs for more information.
Wines, liquor, beer or any alcoholic beverages taken away or delivered
to the customer and does not include consumption on premise.
Merchants who sell general grocery products either in-store or online.

Please take note that :

If the Applicant conducts any transaction involving the above goods or services, SHOPBACK PAYLATER
reserves the right to terminate any existing agreement with the Applicant. The Applicant shall fully
indentify SHOPBACK PAYLATER against any claims, losses, damages or fine brought by any third party, Card
Associations, Bank, any regulatory body, any governmental or non-governmental authorities related to
SHOPBACK PAYLATER in connection with the use of or access to the Service. The Applicant shall forthwith reimburse
SHOPBACK PAYLATER for any fine imposed and all costs (legal or otherwise) and/or damages incurred by SHOPBACK PAYLATER.

H. How to enable ShopBack PayLater feature in your payment form ?

1. Login to your senangPay Dashboard.

2. Go to Menu > Settings > Profile

3. Refer to the ‘Payment Option Availability’.

4. Drag the Shopback options accordingly.

5. Scroll down the page and click “Save.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 5.34.51 PM

6. Now, you need to double check the result of the changes. Go to your any Payment Form and open it. You should see the options of the payment is based on your setting. For example, below is a screenshot for the selected payment options for ShopBack PayLater.

7. Your customer will be directly to this page, for the instalment payment.


I. How to set up ShopBack PayLater instalment price divider integration

The ShopBack PayLater instalment price divider is an essential part of the ShopBack PayLater integration. It will appear on both collection and product pages, as shown below.


Here’s the step for the manual integration:

1. You may email us at [email protected] or call our support team to request for your CDN-ID.

2.Once you have received the CDN-ID you can proceed to implement to your site. Add your CDN-ID to the script below:

<script src="https://merchant.cdn.hoolah.co/<your-CDN-ID>/hoolah-library.js" defer="defer"></script>

3. Once you have completed the above steps. Let us know to activate the feature. We will verify whether the JS library script is inserted correctly, if all is good, we will start the configuration of the ShopBack Price Divider to your website and update you once it is done.

4. Then, integrate ShopBack PayLater on your existing e-commerce platform, as shown in the tutorial :

If you encounter any difficulties during the integration process or require further assistance, reach out to the senangPay team or consult your technical support team for additional guidance.


J. What can I do as a senangPay merchant ?

You can simply share / announce this feature in your social media .