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This package has been discontinued

senangPay X Stripe Terms & Agreement

This agreement sets out the Terms and Conditions under which merchant may utilize using Stripe Package Payment Services

  1. Merchant accounts will be reviewed for approval within 7 working days (subject to due diligence and background check).
  2. A chargeback fee of RM90 will be imposed should merchant proceed to contest a dispute.
  3. Any refunds on subscription fees due to the cancellation of services by the merchant will exclude RM150 for processing fee.
  4. Subscription fees are not refundable for merchants whose accounts are terminated
    due to violation of our Terms & Agreement.
  5. Any refunds on transactions can only be performed before  the settlements of funds.
  6. The settlement cycle is T+5, processed on working days.
  7. Any transactions which exceed the threshold of 10% decline rate will be imposed a fee of RM 0.50 per transaction.
  8. Donation service is not allowed.