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This package has been discontinued

Stripe Dashboard Overview

You will get 2 different dashboards, in one registered account . Refer here for the senangPay dashboard overview.

1. Stripe dashboard will show your payouts and account details. Below is the screenshot of the Stripe dashboard ;

A. Payout Details

1. Login to your dashboard . Go to Menu > Stripe > Stripe Dashboard

2. So what will you benefit from here? It will show :

  • Your payouts balance from Stripe and your bank account details (editable)

  • Payouts / Payment details that have been successfully credited to your bank account

3. Below are the details of the elements in the table :

AmountAmount of money which Stripe credits to your account
Bank / CardThe bank’s name
DescriptionThe details of the settlement made to you
DateThe date when Stripe credits the money into your account


B. Account Details

1. This will display all your account details and information. All details are editable.

2. Below are the details:

2.1 Business Details 

  • Display your business name and all the details editable ( click on the icon on the right side ).

2.2 Management and Ownership 

  • You can verify your identity and get protection from identity theft, for additional security and you can change/edit your individual details.

2.3 Payout Details

  • Display your bank account number and name . The details of where you’d like to receive your payouts are editable.

2.4 Settings

  • Team Members – You can manage your team member as to who would have full access to this account. Adding multiple team members to your account is recommended to prevent a loss of access in case your team changes.

  • Merchant Information – You can update your contact information ; email & mobile number.