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A. Stripe Settlement : Terms

Please read the terms for settlement to ensure you get paid

Your settlement will be directly paid from Stripe . There are a few terms and conditions that merchants need to be aware of in terms of the settlement of the merchant’s money from Stripe

1. The merchant’s account must be active. Meaning, if the account is inactive due to non-payment of subscription payment made, there will be no settlement from Stripe. You will not receive your payment from Stripe until your subscription fees is settled.

2.The minimum settlement amount is RM 5. Meaning, if the amount is less than RM 5, Stripe will not transfer the money to you.

3. To proceed with the settlement, merchants need to provide identification documents to Stripe for verification and is subjected to approval.

4. Merchants must provide valid account names and numbers from a local banks to Stripe via the dashboard.

5. Any refunds on transactions can only be performed before the settlements of funds.


B. Stripe Settlement : Schedule

Settlement will be paid daily

Stripe will transfer your money daily, with T+5(Working days) schedule.  Below is the example schedule for your reference.