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This feature is only available for Advanced and Special Package subscriber

One of the forefront method of acquiring orders and purchases is by using quotations and the Invoices. Provide a positive impression to your clients by choosing a quotation as well as an invoice from this wide array of Quotation & Invoice Generator! With our top-of-the-line generator, you can create a well-formatted document that you can use for your business. This will help you to create quotations and invoices for clients. This includes a direct payment link for the client to pay.


A. How to generate quotation

The quotation appears in your dashboard. Please log in to your dashboard and follow the steps below.

1. Login to your dashboard

2. Go to Menu > Quotation > Create New

3. When you add a quotation, it will create a new quotation. Fill in the related details and click the “Create New Quotation” button.

4. Below are the details of the elements in the table:

Company NameThe name of your client’s company
Contact PersonThe name of your client’s contact person
Company EmailClient’s Email Address (Quotation will be send here)
Company AddressClient’s company address
Company PhoneClient’s company contact number
Quotation DateDate of quotation
Quotation NoteNote for the quotation. (Will be displayed on bottom right of the quotation document.)
ItemItems for the quotation

5. Next, once you’ve successfully created the Quotation. You can see the quotation list.


B. Quotation List

1. Go to Menu > Quotation > List

2. This will display all the quotations that you already added in the apps.

3. Below are the details of the elements in the table:

Quotation NumberUnique number for the quotation
Client NameThe name of your client
Total AmountTotal amount of the quotation
Quotation DateDate of quotation
StatusStatus (The status of this Quotation (Active/Closed
Quotation URLClick to view the quotation
InvoicesLink to create/view invoices for respective quotation
EmailClick to send quotation to client’s email

Please take note that :

  1. When you click on the quotation number, you’ll see the detail page of the quotation.
  2. When you click on the “View” link under the Quotation URL, you will be directed to the actual Quotation Page.

C. Quotation Page

1. You can either set the Quotation status as Active or Inactive

2. Below is an example of Quotation Page :


D. Create New Invoice

1. Go to Menu > Quotation > List , refer to ‘Invoices’ and click “View” then click “Create Invoice”

2. When you add an invoice, it will create a new invoice. Fill in the related details and click the “Create New Invoice” button.


E. Invoice List

1. This will display all the invoices that you have already added under the quotation.

2. Below are the details of the elements above:

Invoice NumberUnique number of the invoice
Percentage of QuotationPercentage of the total amount from quotation to be paid
Total AmountTotal amount to be paid
StatusStatus of the invoice (Inactive, Pending Payment, Paid)
Invoice URLView the invoice
EmailClick to send the invoice to client

3. Below is an example of Invoice :