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senangTap – Frequently Ask Question 


A. About NFC

1. What types of cards are compatible with the NFC device? 

  • As for now, we’re only accepting MyDebit card for payments. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and other Digital Wallet payment is not accepted.

2. Is there a limit on the transaction amount for NFC card payments?

  • There is no limit set for each transaction. However by default, merchant can only accept cumulative payment capped to RM1,000 daily. To increase the limit, merchant are required to submit their proof of business premise.

3. How secure is the NFC card payment process?

  • Contactless transactions are as secure as a contact transaction. The contactless terminal would interact with the contactless card to generate a secure cryptogram or code which is transmitted by the terminal to the bank to authenticate the card and approve the transaction.

4. Can I use the NFC device to accept payments from mobile wallets?

  • No, only physical MyDebit Card is accepted. MyDebit card stored as digital card via Apple Wallet or Google Wallet are not accepted.

5. Are there any additional fees associated with using the NFC card payment feature?

  • Apart from yearly subscription fees of the app, each transaction will be charged 1.2% or a minimum of RM1. No other fees.

6. What kind of support is available if I encounter any issues with the NFC device?

  • For issues regarding the Tap app, you may contact us at [email protected]  or 03-2771-2707 (during office hour). For issue regarding your NFC device, please contact your device provider.

7. What are the devices supported?

  • As general, all latest android NFC enabled devices can be used. We don’t support iOS device for the time being.

8. Why doesn’t my phone detect the card?

  • Check whether NFC feature on your mobile is turned on. We also suggest you remove any phone case that is covering the back of the phone (where the NFC is located).


B. Account

1. Do I need to be a registered SSM business owner to use this app?

  • No. However to increase daily cap limit, you must be registered with SSM.

2. Can I accept online payment with this package?

  • No. However you may upgrade your package by adding our online payment package.

3. How many people can login to the app at the same time?

  • Only one login is allowed per Terminal ID. If the current Terminal ID is logged in on another device, the one logged in previously will be automatically logged out.

4. Can I request for an additional TID?

  • Yes. Each additional TID will cost you RM66/year. Send your request to [email protected] 

5. I forgot my login ID / password. Who can I contact?

6. How do I change my password?

  • You may change your merchant dashboard password from your dashboard account. For Terminal password reset, you’re required to contact us at [email protected]  for assistance.


C. Transactions & Reporting

1. How do I void a transaction?

  • For transaction on the same day, you may use the Void payment button on the app. Refer here. For transaction on the previous days, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

2. Can I still accept payment if my device is not connected to the internet?

  • Unfortunately, since we’re recording all the transaction live, your device must be connected to the internet during transaction. We recommend using a self phone data for a more stable and secure connection, compared to a wifi/hotspot.

3. What if my transaction was interrupted, and there’s doubt on the completion of transaction?

  • You may check on the Void feature to see if the transaction is captured. Or, since the transaction is updated live, you may login to your fasspay dashboard to check on the status of the transaction. Alternatively, you may request your customer to check with their bank provider whether their card has been deducted with the amount set (customer can check directly with their online banking app).

4. Where can I check on my transaction list?

  • For recent transactions, merchant can check them directly on the Void transaction section.

5. How can I generate daily/monthly report on all the transactions by Terminal ID?

  • You may generate report via Fasspay dashboard.