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Why is my Client’s Payment Pending?

1. A pending transaction is usually received as a response from Visa / Mastercard / FPX / Bank / e-Wallet provider.

2. It is beyond senangPay’s control, unless senangPay is having a technical problem that is  affecting transaction process. Then the merchants will be notified.

3. The transactions with a Pending Payment status means that the transaction is not successful.

4. This happens when customers click on the pay button but then close the payment window or they were not redirected to the bank website due to internet connection issue.

5. The transaction record is created when customers click the pay button.

6. Then, the initial status is pending payment.

7. Once our system receives a new status from the bank, our system will update the status to either paid or failed.

8. If our system does not receive any status (due to the scenario described above) then the status will remain as pending payment.

9. Pending payment does not mean that the money is stuck.

10. It simply means the money was never deducted from the customers’ accounts or charged to their credit cards.