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What Happens After I submit my documents?

A. The documents verification process

The document submission process is as follows:

1. You (merchant) upload the required documents to your senangPay dashboard.

2. You (merchant) will receive a notification email from senangPay for the documents submitted.

3. senangPay will verify the documents and do our things. This process will takes from 1 to 14 days.

4. In the meantime, you can use and have access to your senangPay dashboard and start selling but the settlement part is will be pending.

5. senangPay will send email and gives updates in the dashboard on the status of the documents as either COMPLETE or INCOMPLETE.

6. If the document status is COMPLETE, your settlement will be processed accordingly.

7. If the document status is INCOMPLETE, senangPay will let you know what document to reupload.

8. Repeat step 1 until finally step 6.


B. Can I email or send a ticket to senangPay for the document status within 14 days?

Yes, you can but the answer will be something like this :

  • “We are sorry but your documents are still in the verification process”


C. What happens if I still don’t get any response from senangPay after 14 days?

Please open a ticket and submit it to us so that we can triple check on what is happening to your documents.