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MID Request

A. What is MID ?

A merchant identification number (MID) is a unique number assigned to a merchant account to identify it throughout the course of processing the activities.

When merchants process credit-card transactions over a computer network, those networks are interconnected with a credit card front-end processing centre and a back-end settlement network via a network gateway. The MID specifies the merchant, but all of the identifiers taken together will confirm each facet of the transaction for greater security.


B. How to request for your MID ?

1. Notify us by sending a ticket from the dashboard or guide page.

2.Upon confirmation, we will add the charges in the system.

3. You will see the charges in your dashboard ( Charges > List ). The charges are titled under the heading “Charge for updating login ID”.

4. Proceed to make payment.

5. Notify us on the approved payment.

6. You (merchant) will receive a notification email regarding your MID request.