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Settlement : Schedule

A. Next Day Settlements (for FPX online transfer only)

For payments made through FPX online transfer, you will receive your settlement on the next working days. If the payments is made on a day prior to weekdays or public holiday, you will receive them on the next working days. Refer below:

Only for:


B. Wednesday & Friday Settlements (for other payment methods)

Settlements will be done twice weekly on Wednesday and Friday. For payments made on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, you will receive the settlements on the next Wednesday.
For payments made on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, you will receive the settlements on Friday. Refer below:

Only for:

This package has been discontinued

C. Daily Stripe Settlements (for Stripe package only)

Stripe will transfer your money daily, with T+5(Working days) schedule. Refer below:

Only for: