Settlement : Schedule

A. senangPay Settlement will be twice a week

senangPay will transfer your money every WEDNESDAYs and FRIDAYs. Below is the example schedules for your reference.

1. Settlement on WEDNESDAY : For every transaction that has taken place: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday of the previous week.

2. Settlement on FRIDAY : For every transaction that has taken place on: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday of the previous week.

3. If the settlement day happens to fall on a public holiday, senangPay will transfer the money on the next working day.

4. Both payments from your Credit / Debit Card & FPX Online Banking transactions will be transferred to you as per the above schedule.


B. senangPay X Stripe Settlement will be paid daily

Stripe will transfer your money daily, with T+5(Working days) schedule.  Below is the example schedule for your reference.