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Business Registration for Online Business

Our Malaysian government has make an effort to protect the rights of online buyer from fraud during shopping online by making a compulsory for online seller to register their business with SSM.

Who need to register business with SSM?

As an online sellers or merchants, your are compulsory to register your business with SSM.

From the SSM website :
Every online business carried by an individual for the purpose of profit must be registered with SSM under the Business Registration Act 1956 (ROBA1956).

Why register your business with SSM?

There are many benefits for you such as business branding, trustworthy and responsibility.

From the SSM website :

The advantage are as follows :

  • The business become legal registered entity
  • Consumer confidence is higher
  • Facilitate users to verify business information
  • Government will have detail of the business to channel its support to the development of business community and business prospect.


Consequences of not registering your Online Business with SSM

There are legal consequences if you not register your business with SSM.

From the SSM website :

Failure to do can result to a fine not exceeding RM50,000 or imprisonment up to 2 years or both.

If there are any problems involving the law, an unregistered online business will not be supported by any law enforcement agency as the business itself is an illegal activity.

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