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Getting Started : sitegiant

SiteGiant is Malaysia leading ecommerce shopping cart software solution provider, allowing online sellers to sell online effortlessly by syncing products.


A. Integrating senangPay with sitegiant

1. Login to your senangPay .Go to Menu > Settings >Profile

2. Scroll down to ‘Shopping Cart Integration Link’ .

3. Choose ‘SHA256’ for Hash Type Preference

4. Insert below url for Return URL :


5. Insert below url for Callback URL :


6. Insert below text in Parameters For Return and Callback URL :

  • &status_id=[TXN_STATUS]&order_id=[ORDER_ID]&transaction_id=[TXN_REF]&msg=[MSG]&hash=[HASH]

7. Optional. Callback Response to you in case any breakdown while transaction on process. Choose Ignore the response to ignore notification from senangPay when transaction breakdown.