Prohibited items to sell

There are few items or category that you cannot sell if you intent to use senangPay as your Online Payment Gateway. The items are :

  • Controlled chemical substances (eg. mercury)
  • Unapproved Drugs
  • Fireworks or Pyrotechnic Devices or Supplies
  • Gambling Transactions
  • Get Rich Quick Scheme / Pyramid Scheme Program
  • Money Laundering
  • Non Syariah Compliance ( eg. alcohol, non-halal products)
  • Human parts
  • Pornography & Adult Content
  • Prescription medications
  • Replica Product
  • Terrorism
  • Weapons, Firearms, Explosives, Ammunition, High Capacity Magazines, Tasers, Air Guns
  • And other activities that against Malaysia government laws

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makefg-1-php Important
Your account will be suspended if we detect that you are selling prohibited items above and any related unusual activity.

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