Getting Started : Easystore


A. Overview

1. If you require a ready shopping cart like Shopify or Ecwid with no hassle of installing and server setup + you don’t want to deal with lazy freelance programmers etc, kindly subscribe to EasyStore and start your business immediately.

2. You can either apply to become an EasyStore member first and then apply to become a senangPay merchant or vice versa.

3. EasyStore is officially a partner with senangPay.


B. Integrate the senangPay account with your EasyStore

1. EasyStore Control Panel > Settings > Payments > Add payment method

2. Scroll down the list and select senangPay.

3. Insert your Merchant ID & Verify Key that senangPay has provided for you, and select SHA256 for Hash Type Preference > Activate. 

4. Log in to your senangPay account and go to your profile settings and insert the Return URL & Callback URL on your senangPay dashboard.

  • Return URL: your-domain-name/payments/senangpay/accept
  • CallbackURL : your-domain-name/payments/senangpay/notify


C. Didn’t find what you were looking for?

See a list of more payment options

Please take note that : 

  • If you activated SSL (HTTPS) please make sure that the URL includes https:// when inserting the Return and Callback URL on your senangPay dashboard