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A. Fraud Suspect

If you happen to discover and suspect any of our merchants or others of comitting fraud, kindly let us know asap by following the steps below :

1. Please click on the green “Help” button on the left side – below this page and submit your report

2. Communicate directly with Risk & Compliance department  via email correspondence at [email protected]

We will take immediate action on this matter.


B. Withhold Transaction Process

An acquiring bank is potentially liable for losses caused by merchant fraud, including merchants engaged in deceptive or misleading practices. The risk may occur at the payment facilitator level, when products, services, or systems associated with processing are not properly reviewed for compliance, or when the operations are not consistent with law, ethical standards, or the card scheme’s policies and procedures.

Under the Risk Management division, senangPay practices to review and validate every merchant’s transaction of sales activity, transaction patterns and authentication of transaction in which :

A transaction may be held due to the following circumstances upon transaction monitoring:

1. Non 3D authenticated transaction
2. Massive failed transactions occurring on the merchant’s account
3. Disputes / complaints received from cardholders
4. Mismatch on business activity against documents presented during registration
5. Excessive charge-backs due to merchants’ business practices or procedures
6. Excessive deposits for transactions unauthorized by cardholders
7. Credit or debit card fraud convictions
8. Merchants fail to provide complete supporting documents as requested by Risk & Compliance
9. Merchants fail to be reached  via any form of communication
10. Any occurrences which are deemed to be suspicious under senangPay review that requires further explanation

senangPay will hold any transactions under the listed circumstances  and a verification email will be sent to merchants to request for their supporting documents before the settlement is processed. Should merchants fail to provide any of the requested documents and/or additional explanation, the transaction will be withheld for 120 days following the chargeback filing window.

senangPay will also send a verification email to the bank as part of the process of authenticating a non 3D or suspicious transaction. The withheld transaction will only be released for settlement upon receiving the authorization confirmation from the bank.