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Safe & Secured

A.Password Security

The first level of security is to ensure that our password that being used for senangPay dashboard is strong. Thus, to make sure the password is strong, we have make it compulsory to all merchant to sign up their account with password combination of :

1. Lowercase letter eg. a

2. Uppercase letter eg. A

3. Special Character eg.@

4. Number eg.1

5. Minimum 8 character

  • Example: H0lid@y2)16


B. How to know my password strength?

1. There are lot of password checker out there to check how strong is your password. For example, below are the list of common password and time estimation for a computer to crack your password.

  • Password > Instantly
  • P@ssword > 3 Hours
  • P@55word > 9 Hours
  • P@55w0rd > 9 Hours
  • P@55w0rd!@# > 4 Hundred years
  • pQss343199#!j > 3 Million years

2. You can check your password strength here.



C. What is the do’s and don’t while creating a password?

1. Always change your password like you change your underwear.

2. Make your password mystery to others.

3. Don’t use text from dictionary.

4. Combined your password with uppercase, lowercase, special character and number.

5. Use different password for different account.


D. What happened if I lost my senangPay password?

Simply click ‘Forgot Password?’ on the sign in page to dashboard, and check your email for instructions.