Universal Payment Form

A Universal Payment Form which allows your buyer to key in the product themselves, together with the price of the product. No fix product and no fix amount.


This Universal Payment Form is designed for business owner with the following purpose:

a. Has one product with various price (e.g. Insurance)

b. Require a booking fees / downpayment (e.g. Property)

c. For monthly bills (e.g. Telecommunication)

d. To collect donation (e.g. Mosque)

e. For membership subscription (e.g. Society)

This Universal Payment Form is also designed for individual to :

a. Collect money that their friend owes them

b. Ask for money from their parents



Unique Payment Form (Collection)

A Unique Payment Form allows you as the business owner to add more than one specific product, and let you monitor each product transaction separately.


This Unique Payment Form (Collection) is designed for business owner who has:

a. Many products with various prices (e.g. Hijab)

b. Tickets (e.g. Event Organizer)

c. Tuition Fees (e.g. Tuition Center)



Shopping Cart Integration

Integrate with your existing shopping cart if you already have one. Currently we support WooCommerce, OpenCart, Prestshop and Drupal Ubercart. For non-supported shopping cart, we have our OPEN API for you or your developer to integrate.

Click here for more details.


Ready Online Store + senangPay

If you want to skip the developing phase and integration part, those programming stuff that gives none other than only a headache, you can opt to a ready monthly / yearly subscription online store. Pay and use method. Currently we support EasyStore.

Click here for more details.



Manual Integration with your self built system

If you want to integrate senangPay with your own system, we have a standard OPEN API for your integration.

Click here for more details.



An access to the Dashboard where you can monitor your sales, transactions, settlement payments, settings and support tickets. This Dashboard is made responsive even to any mobile phone for you to access on the go.



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