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TAC Number

Another layer of security that senangPay has is TAC number. This security feature applies to all debit card transactions and FPX Internet Banking that happened using senangPay Payment Form.


A. What is TAC number?

TAC is a unique 6-digit code that you can generate on a device (TAC on Device), receive via SMS (TAC on SMS), or generate via Internet Banking on your mobile phone (TAC on Mobile). The TAC number is provided by the bank to ensure that the transaction or purchasing payment from the customer is valid and authorised by the customer itself. The TAC number is depends on the customer’s bank.


B. May I see example on TAC number?

Kindly please refer the image below. This is an example of TAC number from Maybank.



C. May I know all details regarding the TAC number?

You can simply read the detail of the TAC number from the bank itself. This is the list of local banks supported for FPX internet banking

1. Affin Bank

2. Alliance Bank

3. AmBank

4. Bank Islam

5. Bank Rakyat

6. Bank Muamalat

7. BSN

8. CIMB Bank

9. Hong Leong Bank

10. HSBC

11. Kuwait Finance House Bank

12. Maybank 2E

13. Maybank

14. OCBC Bank

15. Public Bank

16. RHB Bank

17. Standard Chartered 

18. UOB


D. What kind of fraud that TAC number protects from?

Since the bank sends TAC number to the customer’s mobile phone, thus :

1. Only account holder can make payment through the senangPay Payment Form.

2. Nobody else can make the payment through senangPay Payment Form unless he steals the account holder’s mobile phone, with assumption that he / she has an access to the mobile phone to get the TAC number.

3. Anonymous cannot abuse the senangPay Payment Form.


E. What is the benefit of TAC number to merchant?

There are a few benefits to you as a merchant:

1. The risk of fraud is shifted to the Bank.

2. Bank protects account holder / customer from being fraud, thus this leads to a free of mind in using Internet Banking.

By reading this article, you already know :

  • senangPay is safe & secure.
  •  senangPay integrate with TAC number secure features with local banks.