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A ready to use e-Wallet app system for your community

A. What is Poket.senangPay ?

Poket is an e-wallet environment, includes a mobile app for users, mobile app for merchants, and a web dashboard for administration use. The mobile app is currently available for viewing on android, and upon confirmation, will be deployed for ios users.


B. How do we use Poket?

1. Poket is a QR code based e-wallet to accept cashless payment easily. Merchants can simply print or embed their QR code, or show them directly from their app for users to scan. Once scanned via user app, the user will be prompted with a screen to enter the amount and notes to be sent to the merchants. Successful payment will be notified to both parties, while a failed transaction will be notified to the sender immediately.

2. Fund transfer between users is allowed to! Users can find their own QR code to receive funds from other users directly from their main page of the app.

3. To reload funds on your e-wallet account, users may save their card for faster reload or choose to reload via FPX. Every transaction will be recorded on the app for reference.

C. Is Poket customizable?

Poket user interface look and feel are customizable according to your branding. Simply send us your brand guide and we’ll customize your app to suit your brand.


D. Can I request for additional features in my Poket app?

Please send your enquiry to [email protected] and we’ll have a chat on that!


E. How much is the cost to start having an e-wallet system in our community?

Drop us an email and any other enquiry you may have to [email protected] and our representative will be in contact with you regarding this.


F. How long does it take for us to have the Poket app?

Upon confirmation, we’ll have our team come out with the look and feel that suits your branding, and deploy them upon agreement from your side. Should no other issue occur, your app will be ready in 14 days!


G. Will there be any training or manual once we receive the app?

Yes. We will provide training to your team admin and a guide manual will be provided for your reference as well.


H. Where can I see the app?

You may click here poket.senangPay to view our snapshots on the apps or download them from googleplay.