How to Upgrade from Monthly Account to Yearly Account

Some of the existing merchant that already sign up to previous monthly package has come to a new decision to upgrade to yearly package. This is due to time management and awareness that paying RM10 monthly is actually slightly higher than paying RM100 yearly.


A. Can I upgrade from monthly package to yearly package?

Yes, you can.


B. What do I need to do to upgrade package?

This are the few steps for you to upgrade package.

1. Make sure your account is active.

2. Meaning, you don’t have any pending subscription payment to senangPay.

3. Send us ticket through your Dasboard saying that you want to upgrade package.

4. After we being notified, your account will be set to yearly package.


C. When will the RM100 yearly being charged to me?

We will charge you RM100 after your RM10 monthly period ends.


D. Can I downgrade from yearly package to monthly package?

Sorry, no you can’t.