A.What is senangPay Affiliate Program?

senangPay Affiliate Program is an affiliate program for senangPay merchants to earn more income. You need to become senangPay merchant (if you are not) before participating the program. The commission will be paid based on any new registration / sign up to any senangPay packages from the merchant’s referral link.


B. Why do I need to become senangPay merchant before joining the program?

We want our merchant to earn more income, not just anybody. Also, the commission will be paid to your account accordingly through a standard settlement process. A subscription to Starter Package is to ensure that the program is not being violated easily.

Accurate documentation is required for individual / company affiliate registration as per below:
1. IC of the participant / company’s director
2. The most recent front page of a bank statement (for settlement purpose)


C. How much money can I earn?

The amount of money that you can earn depends on the number of the new sucessful sign up. Basically, senangPay will pay 30% commission of the sign up value. Below are the details of commission amount :

  • Starter Package RM300 – 30% commission is RM90
  • Advanced Package RM450 – 30% commission is RM135
  • Special Package RM1500- 30% commission is RM450


D. When will I receive the commission?

  1. The commission will be automatically credited to your bank account at the end of each month, provided the commission will be paid to your account accordingly through a standard settlement process.
  2. The commission due to the merchant will only be paid upon first transaction of the referee.
  3.  The commission would be affected if the referral used to our promotional code. (*explain details/example*)

Example : 

Advance Package : RM450 – 10% (promotion) = RM405 ( Client’s registration fee after promo code applied )

RM 405 – 30% Comission = RM 121.50 ( Commision for affiliate member)


E. When is a referral considered eligible for commissions?

You will be eligible for the commissions as and when your referred business/ clients (merchant) meets the following criteria:

  • Merchant must accept our terms and conditions
  • Merchant is active on the SenangPay platform
  • Merchant must conducts first transaction


F. Can I view the detail listing of my referral sign up?

You can view your detail listing of your referral sign up from your affiliate senangPay dashboard. Kindly proceed to link Menu > Affiliate.


G. Referral ID

  1. You will be given a refferral ID to be use for your affiliate marketing.
  2. A Referral ID will be determined by the Affiliate support and may be indicated depending on various (number) ratings.
  • Sample: your referral link will be: http://senangpay.my/affiliate/01
  • From your partner panel you can control your income and see how many businesses are they have registered through your invitation.


H. How long will the referral last when a user click the referral link?

The referral link last within 30 days.


I. Will I enjoy the commission for the renewal of my referral in the second year?

No, unless they sign up a new account under your referral.


J. How to benefit more from my previous referral sign up if I don’t receive the renewal commission?

If you an IT or a design company, you can alway charged them with additional fees such as payment gateway maintenance etc which is more that the commission rate.


K. What are the process to join the program?

Below are the overall process to join the program :

  • Fill in the application form here
  • Agree with senangPay affiliate terms & condition
  • senangPay will process your application and activate your referral ID
  • senangPay will notify and send your referral ID via email
  • You can start advertise and earn commission
  • You can check your affiliate list in your senangPay affiliate dashboard


L. Where do I sign up to join this affiliate program?

Kindly click here and fill the form.


M. Is this affiliate program permanent?

The program will be reviewed yearly. Meaning, if the successful rate of this program is depressing, then senangPay will terminate this program.


N. What do I need to consider?

Our terms and conditions regulate the rights and duties between the website operator and senangPay. Please read them carefully in order to avoid any misunderstandings here.


O. Who can I contact?

Contact us at [email protected] for any inquiry if you have your own ideas or suggestions on how to effectively promote our program.