Why must I choose senangPay?

You don’t have to. But these are the things that you need to know when it comes to choose a Payment Gateway.

1. Price

Compare senangPay price with others and decide, which one you think is the most affordable. Don’t just simply look at any brand. Check the transaction rate. Check what is the sign up fee. The annual fee. The additional fee. The submission fee. Or what so ever fee.

2. Approval time of application

Compare senangPay approval time with others. 2 days? 2 weeks? 2 month? 2 years? We are not living in a typewriter era anymore.

3. Settlement Period

Compare senangPay settlement period with others. How many does one transfer the money or made settlement in one week?

4. Bank Negara Status

Compare senangPay status with others. Does senangPay has Bank Negara approval? Of course, we just did. Don’t simply let strangers or non certified brand to be the one who collect your money.

5. Features

Decide what is the only features that you want for your Payment Gateway. Do you need to pay for services that you didn’t required? Do your customers buy your item from convenience store?

6. All in ONE

A Payment Gateway must have a complete solution under one roof. Meaning, you don’t have to deal with other 3rd Party to facilitate your payment transaction especially not the one that comes from oversea.


7. After sales support

Check whether the Payment Gateway has good reputation on after sales support. Don’t be fooled by love at the first sight. The one that commit to the long lasting commitment is the one you need to find.

8. Local VS Oversea

Did you know that if you choose Made in Oversea rather than Made in Malaysia, all of our money is temporary went out of this country? All the charges such as the transaction charge will benefits other country? If the money stay in Malaysia, it will circulate in Malaysia, thus it will contribute to the growth of our nation.

9. Humanity Mission

Do you know that there are movement nowadays to not support a company that sells craps or things that dangers humanity like Coke and Pepsi? Well, choose your Payment Gateway wisely. Some are passionate to make sure Malaysian start Online Business and improve their quality of life especially for their family. It is not just supporting people to do Online Business but it is a mission to improve the quality of life and knowledge for a better nation, and a better civilisation.

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