Why is there is no phone support?

One of the famous questions that we received was why don’t we provide phone support? Here are a few points that might help you to understand why we choose to do only Online Support.

More happy merchants

Ticketing through email support enable our team to tend to all of our merchants in the timeliest manner. Each support personal is able to connect with more than 100 merchants a day versus 10 over the phone. This leaves us with more satisfied merchants and we love satisfied merchants!

We can multitasks while writing to all merchants including you but we can’t talk to all merchants at the same time.



We have been developing guide.senangpay for quite some time and the guide is now extensive and complete. Having online support enables the team to pint-point to any article to help you to solve your problems faster, rather than we talk to you and guide on what to do next.

The next level is to furnish the guide with videos. So don’t worry, you will be able to hear our lovely voice soon.


Low Pricing

This is one of the reason why we can offer you a really crazy super affordable price compared to others. Having phone support will incur more cost on us and we do not want to burdern our merchants by transferring these cost to them.

We keep the maintenance cost low, so that our merchants will enjoy more.


Feedback monitoring

We always monitor our support team to ensure that we give our merchants the best support in the world. Thus, having a proper documented conversation via email ticketing will enable us to improve and verify if our feedback is up to your satisfaction.

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