Why does senangPay pricing is affordable?

Majority people define affordable as “cheap”. Why senangPay pricing is so cheap compare to others? To help you understand in this matters, below are some few points to clarify your wonders.


1. We are small team

We are new in term of branding, and we are consist of a small team. There are about less than 10 people in the house. Small, means, we have low cost to maintain people. We are not yet a big fish, and we choose to remain small as we could.

Small teams means small monthly maintenance for salary and allowance. Less furniture to buy, less pantry costing, less electricity and water bill, and… a lot less in everything if we want to compare with big scale of company.

Most of the startup starts small. For instance, look at Instagram. They started only with 13 people. Today, the company worth is about USD35 Billion.


Instagram earliest team member

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2. We automate almost everything

Since we are so small, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t handle 10 thousand customer (soon). The key to this issue is to automate everything. For example, this is the partial of the repetition works that we have made it automate by the app.

a. Registration – You can register yourself without even talk to us.
b. Uploading documents – You can upload yourself from the dashboard without any needs for us to come and collect the documents from you. We don’t have despatch to get things done for us.
c. Manuals on how to – We have prepared an extensive guide for you to read and browse all the available tutorial on using senangPay. Thus, we don’t need any additional people to assist you face to face. But of course, you are always welcome to checkout our office in case of something important or trust issue.
d. Support – We use Zendesk to streamline all inquiry and your issues or feedback from the web, guide, facebook, twitter, emails, into one support channel than can be monitor and reply within 1 day.
e. Payment & Settlement – Instead of making settlement to every merchant one by one, we have automate a single click transfers to all merchants on the scheduled day.
f. The Eye – Remember Sauron from The Lord of the Ring? We have that to monitor everythings from sales, marketing, social media, IT, Brand Reputation, Web Analytics, Competitor and so on. All in a single dashboard.




3. We don’t do things that unnecessary

Why do we need to print thousand pages of an agreement if we can simply simplified it to a Terms & Condition clicking button like PayPal doing it online?  Why do we need to come and interview you 2 – 3 times just to make sure you are a honest human being that wants to start business and gives your family a better life? Why do we need to pay more for service that we don’t even use at the end of the day? Why do we need to have a telephone conversation if you can already get all the information from the web and even a guide that helps you navigate the apps effectively at your own time?

Well, the answer is we don’t do things that is unnecessary. You are an Online Business owner that doing business Online and should do everything online, and so do senangPay.

4. We focus on our specific market

We are not competing with Big Boys or Big Ship or Big Fish. Our market is for all those newcomer in Online Business. We design our Payment Form for those who wanted to sell items that less than 20. So, in another word, we don’t spend unnecessary time to convince Business Otai to use our product because the Payment Form, is definitely not for them.

Nevertheless, as time pass, more Business Otai has tried senangPay since we introduce the plugins for shopping carts which makes senangPay is at the same standard like others.

5. We do a lot of Strategic Partnership

If you are alone in this world, you definitely needs friends. We do have strategic partnership with others especially like Shopping Cart Provider like EasyStore. This has leverage our branding with other people. It’s like, where they go, the bring us. Where we go, we bring them. More to comes, and stay tunes.

6. We get help from SuperFriends

Our internal developers priority focus is to ensure senangPay core apps works efficiently and performing at the best at all time. Hence, we don’t have enough time to focus on developing plugins for every shopping cart in the world. Thanks to our SuperFriends that constantly are helping us by providing their expertise on developing other plugins for senangPay. In return, we let them charge at any price they feel fair to compensate their working hours towards creating the plugin, and we have no profit sharing at all with them.

We open our API for everybody to explore and integrate, producing small apps or plugins. Thus, no additional development cost for us on this matter.

7. We pray to God, that our intention to help others, will help us in return

We create senangPay to help Online business owner receive money from their customer “senang-ly”. And by this we hope that it will increase their sales and let them focus on marketing more, on research perhaps, rather than focusing on managing the incoming payment manually. We want a Malaysian that have steady income for them and for their family.

The mathematical equation of life is easy. Help others, and others will help you.
Well, this is all the secret recipe to offer an Online Payment Gateway to you, at a super crazy affordable cost. Why do you want to pay more if you can get the same things with even better?137x22xspace.png.pagespeed.ic.IoAxAisfVW

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