RM300 Yearly Package

This package is active. This package is designed for a start-up online business / merchant with intention to start accept payment via credit / debit card and FPX Internet Banking. Subscription fee is RM300 every year.

RM450 Advance Package

This package is active. This package is designed for online business owner who wants more control on the payment features. For example, they can decide to accept payment only via credit card and not FPX Internet Banking and vice versa. Subscription fee is RM450 every year.

RM1500 Special Package

This package is active and please contact us for discussion.

For the details of features and pricing of each package, kindly proceed to the green help button below.


RM450 Stripe Package

senangPay partners with Stripe for fast and secure payment. This package is active. Designed for merchant with intention to get paid from multicurrency with any bank card, not only Visa & Mastercard. Subscription fee is RM 450 every year.

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