When you subscribe to senangPay, you have enable your customer to pay to you online via our Online Payment Gateway System. senangPay provide 3 types of channel for you to receive payment.

1. Universal Payment Form

A universal payment form which allow your customer to key in the product them self together with the price of the product.

(screenshot form)

This Universal Payment Form is designed for business owner that have :

a. One product with various price (eg. Insurans)
b. Require a booking fees / downpayment (eg. Property)
c. Monthly bills (eg. Telecomunication)
d. Collect donation (eg. Mosque)
e. Membership Subscription (eg. Society)

2. Unique Payment Form

A unique payment form allows you as the business owner to add specific product, and let you monitor each product transaction separately.

(screenshot form)

This Unique Payment Form is designed for business owner that have :

a. Many product with various price (eg. Hijab)
b. Ticket (eg. Event Organiser)
c. Tuition Fees (eg. Tuition Centre)

3. Shopping Cart Integration

An integration with your existing shopping cart if you already have one.

(screenshot shopping cart)

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