Testing Credit Card Payment

For Testing Purpose:
1. It is required that for every credit card transaction made using our payment gateway, you would need to use a valid Malaysian’s bank-issued credit card that implements 3DS.
2. Please don’t simply use any credit card numbers that are found online (or anywhere else for that matter) that is used for testing purpose. You should test using a real credit card number and you can cancel the payment once in the bank’s 3DS page to simulate a failed transaction.
3. Any incident found/reported involving the usage of test credit card numbers will be subject to immediate enquiries and investigations, and as such may resulted in a hold settlement or outright account deactivation until investigation completed.

If you want to test the credit card payment, please use one of the following test credit card numbers provided.

Card Type PAN Expiry CVC
MasterCard 51234567890123456 05/21 100
MasterCard 5313581000123430 05/21 100
VISA 4005550000000001 05/21 100
VISA 4557012345678902 05/21 100

Using this card above will always resulted in a failed transactions. Please use a real live credit card to test for successful payment.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 1.17.01 PM

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