Do senangPay keep / save customer’s Credit / Debit Card details?

No. We do not keep / save customer’s Credit Card / Debit Card details. Meaning, the Credit Card / Debit Card number, expiry date and CSV is not captured. We only keep other transaction record like customer’s name, email etc.

Why can’t senangPay keep / save customer’s Credit / Debit Card details?

This is due some certification that we are currently moving towards it.

Does this mean that senangPay can keep / save the details later?

Yes, possibly in near future.

May I know when?

Our target is by Quarter 3 next year (2017)

May I see what is the the other information that senangPay keep in the dashboard?

Please refer the screenshot below. Please take note that this is a screenshot from transaction of a Unique Payment Form using Credit Card.


Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 1.17.01 PM
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