senangPay x MDEC Free Subscription

This campaign is an initiative for Belanjawan 2021 by Ministry of Finance to help stimulate local business transactions. In collaboration with MDEC, senangPay offers merchants for FREE SUBSCRIPTION for one whole year, on any selected senangPay package! We’ve seen businesses migrates to online platform this past year at a highest rate than ever, and they’re adapting well too. 3246 free accounts to be redeem and enjoy our features, depending on which package you are subscribe to. Receive online payments with us, and offer your customer multiple payment channel and sell more.


A. When will this promotion be available?

This promotion is available from 1st July 2021, and will ends on 30th September 2021 or when all slots are fully redeemed (whichever come first). Limited free accounts to be redeem. However please do note that you’re required to accumulate RM2500 worth of transaction value by 31st December 2021 to qualify.


B. Who can join this campaign ?

Entities that is register with SSM and where their business comply with our Terms of Agreement.


C. How do I sign up?

To redeem a free account, please key in our promo code SENANGPAYFREESIGNUP upon registration. Please note that approval are subject to senangPay / bank Terms and Conditions.

1. Simply go to  and fill in all the details required.

2. Choose our package from Basic, Advance, Stripe MYR or Stripe Multicurrency.

3. Enter our promo code ‘SENANGPAYFREESIGNUP’ upon checkout for free registration.


D. Duration of registration process

Please refer the below illustration for the sign up process. The estimation duration from Pre Approved to Complete document status is from 4 weeks depends on the approval of the documentation that provided by the merchants.


E. What happens if my account is not approved by your acquirer bank?

We’ll contact you should this issue occur and you may be offered to change your subscription to either of the Stripe packages available, or you may cancel your registration. However, since this campaign is free registration, there will be no refund.


F. What package available for this campaign ?

Select from our Basic, Advance, Stripe MYR and Stripe Multicurrency package. Accumulate at least RM 2,500 worth of transaction before end of year, 31st December 2021.


G. What features available ?

Receive your online payment with us, and offer your customer multiple payment channels such as credit card, debit card, e-Wallet payment and even recurring payment too. Depending on which package you are subscribe to.


H. Why do we need to reach a minimum RM2,500 transaction before end of year 2021 to be eligible ?

This free package by MDEC and senangPay is our government initiative to ensure economy stimulation and reaching KPI set by MOF for this campaign.

To make it easier to understand, if you’re registering in July 2021, you’re required to have at least RM500 x 5 months worth of transactions per month until December 2021 to be qualified. The amount will be automatically accumulated from your first transaction with us.


I. What will happen if I fail ?

The subscription fee will be automatically deducted from your merchant account balance on 3rd January 2022.

For example, if you subscribe for Advance Package for RM450, RM450 will be deducted from your account.


J. Can I upgrade my account after I’ve registered with this promotion?

Please contact customer support at


K. Can I cancel my subscription during this campaign promotion? Will there be any penalty?

Unfortunately for this promotion you are not allowed to cancel your subscription.


L. I am Affiliate merchants. Do I get any comission if there’s any registration/sign up from this campaign ?

senangPay will pay 15% commission of the sign up value. Below are the details of commission amount :

  • Basic Package RM300 – 15% commission is RM45
  • Advanced Package RM450 – 15% commission is RM67.50

For registration under Special Package (no promotion), you’re still entitled to 30% of the sign up value.


M. I’m already a merchant of senangPay, can I redeem this promotion for my renewal fee?

This promotion is available for renewal on account that expires from 1st July 2021 until 31st December 2021, and comply with our promotion terms and conditions. You may email us at to check whether you’re eligible to redeem our free renewal.


N. I do not have an e-commerce website for my business, am I still eligible to redeem this promotion?

If your business runs on social media and messaging apps, you can apply for Basic or Advance packages and you can use our senangPay Product Collection Form or Payment Form to receive online payment. Websites are not compulsory. However, if you’re registering for Stripe packages, e-commerce websites are compulsory.


O. I’ve just registered with senangPay without using the promo code. Can I join this promotion?

If your registered within the promotion period, and you didn’t use our promo code, please contact our Customer Support at 


P. What are the documents needed for registration?

You may refer here.


Q. When can I start using senangPay after registration?

You can use FPX and e-wallet features as early as 3 days upon complete document uploads. However, your credit card function will be enabled once your account is approved.


R. Can I have multiple account registered under my business?



S. How long will my account be free?

Your account will be free for one whole year, (365 days) starting from the date of registration. Renewal fee are subject to package chosen during registration. Please note that transaction fees are still applicable on every transaction done to your merchant account. Check our transaction fee here.