Following are the summary from the Consumer Protection Act 1999 Consumer Protection (Electronic Trade Transaction) Regulation 2012.

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Those who operate a website that sell/provide services online; either eCommerce store or blog sell/provide services through online marketplace, eg: eBay, Lazada, Shoppee, Mudah

What to display?

  • name or name of the company or name of the business that operates the online business
  • company or business registration number
  • contact address (email, telephone, address)
  • description of goods or services provided
  • full price of the goods or services. MUST include shipping cost, tax and other cost you intend to charge the buyer
  • method of payment
  • terms and conditions for the sale
  • estimated time of delivery for goods purchased, including est time for all shipping options you offers

Errors & Proofs

  • allow buyer to rectify any error prior to confirmation of any purchase
  • issue an acknowledgment and receipt for the sale transaction, without any undue delay
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