Refund on Testing Payment

Can I get refund for testing payment?

We do understand that since we do not provide sandbox or demo account, some of the developers need to test the integration to get successful or fail response from their system. Thus, does developer get to refund the payment that they made for the testing? The answer is no, we don’t refund for testing.

Why can’t I get refund since it is only a testing payment?

You can’t get the refund because the senangPay account that you have subscribed is a live account. It is not a demo account. A live account means an actual account to be used for your business.

So how can I minimize the value for the testing?

First of all, all the testing payments that you have made will be paid back to your account on the settlement day. In other words, the money that you paid for the testing is actually your money that will be returned to you later. Nevertheless, you need to be aware that the charges are still being implemented to any transaction that you have made.

Thus, we suggest you to test an amount of RM2 for the credit / debit card transaction, where you will be charged 2.5% for each transaction.  You will get back the remaining amount on the settlement day. Please take note that this calculation is without GST.

For the FPX Internet Banking, we also suggest you to test RM2, and you will be charged 1.5% for each transaction. You will get back the remaining amount on the settlement day. Please take note that this calculation is without GST.

But I am a developer and I’m doing the integration for my client

Some of our merchants solve this issue by charging their client a testing amount. Which means, they include a testing amount in the bills to the client. This is normal, under the Online Payment Gateway Integration cost. We suggest you to also include the labor hour costing for the integration part so that you can charge your client fairly.

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