What is Recurring Payment?

Recurring payment are transactions that occur on a repetitious basis, such as a subscription service where payments are charged to the same payment method for a pre-determined duration of time.

How Does Recurring Payment Work?

In a recurring payment, a customer will purchase a product, item or service. Instead of charging one price, the merchant will establish a set interval of time in which the costumer will be charged an agreed-upon sum. This payment will continue until the customer either cancels the service or, if the charge applies to one lump amount is paid off.

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makefg-1-php Important
Kindly be informed senangPay recurring payment is not an easy payment.

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What are the difference between Recurring Instalment and Recurring Subscription?

Below are differences between Recurring Instalment and Recurring Subscription:

Item Recurring Instalment Recurring Subscription
(Non Predefined Billing Date)
Recurring Subscription
(Predefined Billing Date)
1) No of predefined payment Yes No No
2) Predefined billing date No No Yes
3) Prorate No No Yes

How Does Prorate Calculation for Recurring Payment Calculated?

Below is an example of prorate calculation:

  • Normal billing date duration set by the merchant is between January 15th until February 2nd
  • Then, the charge imposed earlier for example on February 10th

Hence, the calculation will be as follow:


= RM 100 per month / total days per month x days
= RM 100 / 31 days x 5 days
= RM 16.13

Thus, the prorate total amount will be RM 16.13

Which payment type can be used for Recurring Payment?

The Recurring Payment is only applicable for credit / debit card only. It is not applicable to FPX payment.

Does senangPay send notification to the customer upon recurring transaction happened?

Yes, senangPay will send the transaction summary to both merchant and customer everytime the transaction occurs. Both merchant and customer can view the status of the transaction either failed or success. Below are the screenshot for the transaction summary.

a. Transaction Summary to customer

b. Transaction Summary to merchant


How about the failed transactions? Do senangPay re-charge the transaction until success?

No. For the time being, the merchant need to proceed the payment separately with the customers. Failed transaction cannot be charge repeatedly by senangPay or in another word, senangPay will only proceed with one time automatic charge only.


What happened if the customer run away with incomplete payment, after getting the item from the merchant?

Merchant is responsible to deal with trusted customer only. Some merchants proceed with separate agreements with the customer to protect merchant side. Some merchants apply deposit amount for initial payments before proceed with recurring instalment.


Can senangPay apply blacklist like CCRIS or CTOS to this kind of customer?

In the meantime, no.


What’s Next?

In the near future, senangPay will allow merchant to set the frequency of re-charge, up to maximum 7 time, until the charge is successful. This feature is now in development que.

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