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Permanent & Editable Information for registration

There are a few things that you need to decide before you register. Some of the information are editable and some are permanent. Which means some information are static and cannot be undone and some information are dynamic and can be updated anytime you want.


A. Permanent Information

The permanent information are :

  • Access Email (Changing of Access Email will be charged RM 10.00. Kindly inform us if you wish to proceed at [email protected])
  • Bank Account Details (Changing of Bank Account Details will be charged RM 10.00. Click here for more details).
  • Business Category (Changing of Business Category,you may need to submit your request ticket to the support in your dashboard)


B. Editable Information

1. The editable information are:

  • Access (except Email)
  • Personal & Business Particulars (except Business Category)
  • Header Detail
  • Other Setting