Can merchant receive payment from oversea?

Yes. Anybody from outside Malaysia can purchase or make payment to you via senangPay, as long as they are using VISA and Mastercard credit card.

Does senangPay support USD or other currency?

No. We are currently not supporting USD or other currency.

Then, how can oversea’s customer make the payment?

They just need to make payment as everybody else in Malaysia. Eventhough the currency displayed in RM, the transaction later will be converted to USD (or local currency) in their credit card statement. The concept is the same as when we Malaysian buy something from oversea. We purchased the item in USD, but then it is converted to RM in our credit card statement.

We will update a screenshot of oversea statement when we have one. But as for example, below are the example screenshot from a statement that showing a Malaysian purchase to oversea. The USD is converted to RM based on the current transaction rate.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 12.08.29 PM

Can I do something on this issue on my web / blog?

Yes. You can add currency plugin converter in your website so that your customer can convert the RM to their local currency at real time, without ever leaving your website.

Where can I get this plugin?

You can go here and custom your plugin, then copy paste the code and put it in your web / blog.

Can see an example of existing merchant that use this widget?

Yes. You can go to our existing merchant :
Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 1.17.01 PM
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