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Oh No! Page

Sometimes merchants of senangPay might experience this error page . How to solve it ?

A. Using Manual API

1. Check if the return URL has already been keyed in into the senangpay dashboard.

2. Check if the Merchant ID and Secret Key is correct.

3. Make sure the URL has been submitted to app.senangpay.my(for live account) or sandbox.senangpay.my(for sandbox account)


B. Using Plugin WooCommerce / OpenCart

1. Make sure environment in the plugin setting is correct (production/sandbox).

2. Make sure merchant id and secret key is correct.

3. Check if the return URL is already keyed in into the senangPay dashboard. 

4. Make sure the  hashtype in senangpay dashboard is the same as the hashtype in senangpay plugin woocomerce setting

C. Using Other Plugin

1. You can use other third-party shopping cart.


D. Using Product Form

1. If this happens, notify us by sending a ticket from the dashboard or guide page.