A Product Collection Form allows you as the business owner to add more than one specific products in a single payment form. This form allows you to sell a maximum of 10 products in a single form. Instead of having 10 Unique Payment Form to sell 10 items, you can have 1 Product Collection Form to sell 10 items.

Example of Product Collection Form

1. To view an example of Product Collection Form, please click here.


Which package has Product Collection Form

1. The Product Collection Form is available for all packages.

Adding Product to the Unique Payment Form

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makefg-1-php Important

Please take note that before you create your Product Collection Form, you need to create your Unique Payment Form for each of your product. Then, add all of this product (maximum of 10) into your Product Collection Form.

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1. Go to “Product Collection” click “Create New.”


2. Insert your Product Collection Details such as Collection Name, Collection URL and Products To Include. 


3. At “Product To Include” section, insert products to be listed in product collection. The products need to be created at first place before you create product collection.

Below are the details of the elements in the table :

Item Detail
Collection Name The name of your product collection
Collection URL The URL of your product collection
Products to Include Products to be listed in the product collection
Enable Discount Set active by clicking the checkbox if you apply discount

Enable Discount Option

You can set the discount for the product collection. Discount amount can be set based on your preferred minimum total cart quantity and amount.

1. In the same page, same section, scroll down a little bit more.

2. Tick the checkbox to display discount in the form. Leave the checkbox empty to hide the discount.


Below are the details of the elements in the table :

Item Detail
Minimum Total Cart Quantity Minimum total quantity of items added to cart
Minimum Total Cart Amount Minimum total amount of items added to cart
Discount Type Set the discount type
Discount Value Insert the discount value

Collection Delivery Settings

1. You can specify up to five (5) tier of delivery pricing based on the total cart item quantities.

2.  The collection delivery settings is to specify exact delivery price based on location and quantity of a products in the cart. The delivery cost is based on the minimum quantity of the products set in the settings.

3. Insert the cost accordingly.


4. When you have finished, click “Create Product Collection”.


5. Your product collection is now in the system.

6. Go to “Product Collection” and click “List” to view the product collection payment from created.


7. The product collection forms created will appear in the list.


8. Click on name of product collection to view further details. Click on “Edit Product Collection” to edit the product collection.


9. Once you confirm, click “Save Product Collection”.


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By reading this article, you already know:
1. What is Product Collection Form is.
2. How to optimized the use of senangPay payment forms.

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Last updated : 29.08.2018

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