How to know your registration application has been approved

senangPay is the fastest Online Payment Gateway which automatically pre-approves your application after you make the subscription payment.

1. If you have register and made the payment, you will receive a Welcome Email from senangPay.

2. You should be able to login to the Dashboard after you have received the email.

3. You can download your subscription receipt from your dashboard. Click here for details on how to get your Tax Invoice.

5. If the application failed due to payment rejection or any other causes, our marketing team will call you for the next moves.

6. If you can’t wait, send us a ticket via the green help button on this page or from your dashboard.

7. However, please take note that your account in a pre-approves mode. You need to upload your related documents via the dashboard within 7 days, or your settlement will be pending.

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Please take note :
1. In case of Terms & Conditions breach, your account will be suspended until further notice.

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Have more questions? Submit a request by clicking the green help button right side, bottom

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