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Setting Up : Using Payment Form

Grab PayLater feature in senangPay Payment Form

senangPay partnering with Grab PayLater to bring you more payments option to your customers. With senangPay, your customer can now split  purchases into affordable monthly instalments with no interest, no upfront costs, and no fees as long as you they pay on time. 

  •  Grab PayLater Instalment : Instalment option allows customers to split their payments into manageable instalments, making it easier for them to afford their purchases.
  • Grab PayLater Postpaid : Postpaid option provides customers to defer payment for their purchases to the next month with a total amount, streamlining their checkout experience.

A. How to register ?

Check here for the registration steps.


B. What are the required documents ?

Check here for the required documents.


C. What package available for this feature ?

Grab PayLater feature only available for Advance & Special Package.


D. Transaction Charge

4-payment plan 7.00%


E. Is there any integration needed ?

No integration is needed.


F. Does Grab PayLater feature comes by default ?

No. To request for Grab PayLater payment method available in your payment form, please contact us or email us at [email protected] . If your business applicable for this feature, it will take 14 working days to activate in your dashboard.

G. How to enable Grab PayLater feature in your payment form ?

1. Login to your senangPay Dashboard.

2. Go to Menu > Settings > Profile

3. Refer to the “Payment Option Availability 

4. Drag the Grab PayLater options accordingly.

5. Scroll down the page and click “Save.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 5.34.51 PM

6. Now, you need to double check the result of the changes. Go to your any Payment Form and open it. You should see the options of the payment is based on your setting. For example, below is a screenshot for the selected payment options for Grab PayLater.

7. Your customer will be directly to this page (sample page), for the instalment payment.


H. Grab PayLater (Postpaid)

Postpaid payment channel offered by Grab that allows customers to defer payment for their purchases to the next month with a total amount.


I. What can I do as a senangPay merchant ?

You can simply share / announce this feature in your social media .