Below are some banners that you might use for your website/blog or social media to tell your customer that you’re a registered affiliate for senangPay. Simply link the web banner to your custom URL (provided when registering) to start advertising! Once your audience successfully registered as a senangPay merchant using your link, you’ll receive your earnings.

Pre-made Web Banner Pack

You can download our banner pack to be use along with your affiliate link. Our ZIP file contain 3 campaign x 5 size (Retina & Non-retina) of pre-made banner for affiliate use.

Campaign includes:

  1. Payment Gateway from RM200 per year (BM)
  2. Accept online payment without e-commerce website (BM)
  3. Shopping Cart without e-commerce website (BM)

Should you require a custom banner for your event, please do not hesitate to let us know by emailing us at

Bookmark this page and visit us regularly for a new campaign pack.

Custom Web Banner

For our creative affiliate out there, you may create your own banner to be used. Just remember to add our logo to it. Please follow our brand guideline should you made your own banner to maintain our brand look.

When designing, please bear in mind :

  1. To follow our brand guideline to maintain our brand look (We like everything related to us to be instantly recognised as senangPay)
  2. Not to alter our logo unnecessarily, and
  3. Not to include our logo with inappropriate imagery

You can always mail to us for guidance and approval for your design at

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