Settings is where your senangPay subscription info and profile setting page. Under the Settings menu, there are 2 submenu.




This will displayed all the related subscription information.




This will displayed all the related profile and business information such as :

a. Access
b. Personal & Business Particulars
c. Bank  Details
d. Header Detail
e. Other Setting
e. Universal Payment Form Link Setting
f. Unique Payment Form Link Setting
g. Shopping Cart Integration Link


The detail part of this profile will be elaborate throughout the guide for detail understanding. But as for first glimpse, you can see the detail page below.



a. Email : Your registered email / username
b. Package : Your subscription package
c. Registration Date : Your subscription date to senangPay
d. Valid Until : Your expiry subscription date to senangPay
e. Status : You current subscription status

Please take note that :
1. senangPay will send you renewal invoice 30 days before expiration date as a reminder to continue subscription
2. You also can renew you subscription directly from the apps before. Click Here

This is a setting page for your senangPay account. There are few segment that you need to know.

a. Access : Your email / username and password.
b. Personal & Business Particular : Your contact and business informations.
c. Account Details : You bank informations.
d. Header Details : Your Universal & Unique Header settings
e. Universal Payment Form Settings : Your universal payment form settings & links
f. Unique Payment Form Link : Your unique payment form settings
g. Shopping Cart Integration Link : Your shopping cart integration settings.


Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 1.17.01 PM

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