What is this program all about?

The Merchant Free Promotional program is to assist merchants to increase or boost their sales so that more money will come to the merchants.Unknown

How does this program work?

We will submit your promotional banner to our social media streams such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Official Blog for a start. Let the public respond and know you and together we pray hard so that there will be sales going to your side.


How much does this program cost me?

FOC. You choose to support us, and we choose to support you.


What do I need to do to participate?

Send us your promotional poster in JPEG / PNG size 960 x 960 pixel. Email to zizi@senangpay.my and say, “I’m in.”


What is the graphic composition that I need to design?

This depends on your creativity. We suggest you to put :

a. Your company Logo / Brand

b. Your online store URL

c. Your business tagline

d. Your best selling product

e. A partial space to put senangPay’s Payment Button


What do you mean by partial space for senangPay’s Payment Button?

Please refer to the image below. You can either:

a. Send to use with a blank space

b. Put the logo yourself in the blank space





Can I see an example of a merchant whom you have been promoting?

Sure. Below are the screenshots from our Facebook page & Instagram.




Besides senangPay’s social media and blog, is there any other place that you will promote my business/service?

For a start, we will focus on our online stream first and if there is any awesome idea for the future, we will notify you.


You promote me for free, can I promote senangPay too?

Of course, we would be honored. We will send you the artwork for you to upload on your Faceboook / Instagram.


Can I see the examples of the artworks that you mentioned above?

Yes, you can view the examples of artworks here.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 1.17.01 PM
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