Previously we had a program called senangPay Affiliate Program in which this program aims to encourage current senangPay merchants to help promote senangPay to their family and friends with the goal to increase the number of senangPay’s merchants. The script above shows the content of the previous affiliate program page in our Guide.

However, we think that this program has several setbacks that discourage us from continuing the intention. Hence, we’ve come up with another program which is the Super Merchant Program. This program demands the participant to achieve a certain specific target for number of new merchants they need to sign up. There are of course, several advantages for the participant. It is important to note that joining this program means there will be different subscription charges applied.

This program is open only to web developer. To know more about this program, send us a ticket via clicking on the green pill-like button at the bottom right-side of this page.

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